Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: Hugo Boss Halay Dress (Medium Coverage)

BOSS by Hugo Boss 'Halay' Dress
On the hanger the 'Halay' dress appears to have it all. It's made with rich soft cotton in a sophisticated midnight blue and has three quarter length sleeves, a longer length, a seemingly loose shape and high neckline. That's what we thought, so we gave it to fashion designer Nicole Larson to see if we were right. On a scale of 1 to 4 the Halay dress got at 1.5, here's why:
  1. Fit - On the hanger this dress appears to have a very loose shape. However once you put it on it is surprisingly tight on the hips, leaving extra fabric gaping at your torso and fabric pulling at your thighs. If you have more of a straight figure this dress may fit you better, but most women have hips! 
  2. Quality - This dress is well made of heavy weight fabric that feels soft and luxurious to the touch. It is also a nice simple silhouette with elegant gathers at the neckline. With a better fit this would be a very classic and sophisticated look particularly in this rich color. 
  3. Coverage - The sleeves are three-quarter length and the neckline comes down a few inches below the collar bone. The dress measures 39 inches from shoulder to hem and on Nicole who is 5'6 it fell right above her knees. However when she sat down it went up a bit higher. If you are 5'4 or shorter this dress should cover your knees when sitting. 
  4. Price - At $395 we'd hope for a better fit. 

Nicole is wearing size 4. She is 5'6 tall and her measurements are: Bust 32 inches, Waist 25.5 inches, Hips 35 inches. This dress is available at Nordstroms.
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Designer Nicole Larson, Photographed by Luke Schneider
Designer Nicole Larson, Photographed by Luke Schneider
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  1. I wish more dresses would accomodate hips. I feel like everything I see on racks these days expect women to have ramrod straight hips (especially this new peplum trend)

    1. You're right, many of the sheath dresses do not accommodate hips very well, look for A-line dresses and skirts. Peplum can be great for hips as long as the peplum is big enough to cover your hip area.