Thursday, March 21, 2013

Underwhelmed by Undershirts

As a conservative dresser you probably you have several long sleeved and short sleeved tees in your closet that you use for layering under plunging necklines and sleeveless tops. It's great that layering is a trend and that there are so many options and combinations to be stylish when you layer, but if your anything like us you sometimes wish you didn't have to layer.

There are still too few stylish but not overly revealing tops and dresses out there. A sad fact, that has made us collectors of layering shells (seriously, we have them in every shade of the rainbow). And frankly having to layer sucks because it usually:

  1. Ruins the style,
  2. Adds extra bulk, 
  3. Can be hot, especially in the summer,
  4. Costs us extra money. Even the cheapest shells begin to add up because of the number of colors we buy and their poor quality means we're constantly replacing them. 

Now, besides the problem of not having enough options that provide good coverage the other problem with layering shells is that there is a thin line between a hit and a miss. With a hit you look fabulous and get stopped on the street for your amazing styling abilities.  With a miss you look confused or worse like you got dressed in the dark. So how do you put together a hit and avoid a miss? Luckily many celebraties, designers and bloggers have already tackled this and you can check out some of their looks below. What you think about layering shells and shirts under dresses? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I'm definitely a fan of pairing long or 3/4 length tees under sleeveless tops and dresses. I do prefer the dresses to have thicker, or wider straps. I don't do layering under spaghetti tops or deep v-neck dresses; that's just a personal preference of mine! :)

    More Modern Modesty

    1. Layering under spaghetti tops and deep v's is hard to pull off. We always avoid getting tops like that, there is usually no saving them.

  2. I really agree with the 4 reasons why it "sucks" to layer, but I have to say that I like how Emma Stone and Kim wear it, and the first two outfits of Alexia are also stunning.
    As you said sometime you rock your outfit but other times you fail. Sometimes is having some luck :)


    1. Yes, you really need to have some trusty second and third opinions before you walk out in this type of layered look.

  3. Yeah, I'm actually a big fan of layering... Well, except when it comes to fancy dresses like the ones in the picture, then I agree; it looks pretty bulky. It just went too far for me. Though, I personally love how Emma Stone pulled it off.

    1. Layering under formal dresses is the hardest to pull off because it inevitably makes the dress slightly more casual.

  4. The only thing that I would recommend is that the sleeves are removable, so if you plan on wearing it, you may want to get it sewed on to avoid them from moving out of place.
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