Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Making Modest Style Affordable

After looking through our Pinterest boardFacebook posts and Instagram we often get asked why we mostly show expensive luxury designers that are out of reach for the average women. People ask us to feature more inexpensive options that they could actually purchase.

The problem is there are very few beautiful, stylish, contemporary modest pieces at affordable prices. Which is exactly why we founded Mode-sty. At Mode-sty we are committed to stylish, modest and affordable fashion. Currently the marketplace looks like this:

Modest + Stylish = Expensive Luxury Designers

Modest + Affordable = Dull Plain Designs  

Mode-sty is working hard to bridge this gap and bring you a selection of affordable stylish modest fashion.

Modest + Stylish + Affordable = Mode-sty 

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  1. I don't agree that all of the dress on the bottom are dull, with the exception of the one from the GAP. ($80 for basically a plain knit dress.)The long pink one, I just don't care for. You have to be 5'11" and rail thin to be able to wear that anyway.

    I do think that you are comparing apples and oranges. You basically compared dresses one could wear to the office (bottom) with special occasion dresses (top).

  2. I don't agree with the bottom being any more dull or plain in design than the top row! In fact, I OWN the green dress from Shade, got it for $17! I love it, frankly, and take HUGE offense to your claim! I don't particularly care for the dress on the top row, except for the first blue one, and again, I find it just as plain as any on the bottom row. I think you need to re-evaluate your view point on clothing.

  3. While the bottom row isn't hideous, and even some of them cute, I agree with this post. I wish I could dress better (like the top row) but there aren't a lot of options. I go to stores with exactly what I want in mind, and what do I find? Nothing!

  4. I agree with the article. I don't agree with all of the picture examples, but I do agree that more precise and flattering fits come with higher price tags (with good reason, I suppose). But I have also seen what I consider to be stylish modest clothes in the $70 range (this is "expensive" not affordable to me though).

  5. Interesting post. As a modest stylist, I am always looking for affordable items that are not as expensive as the designer goods and I believe that this is being achieved through my looks and the clients I style also.

    Feel free to have a look through my blog and see some of the looks I have put together. Although I have not mentioned in every post how much the items cost, I do shop at highstreet stores and get creative with how I style my items together.

    Thank you for this post though.