Monday, April 8, 2013

Designer Crush: Alexander Terekhov

Alexander Terekhov
We have a crush.
Actually we may be in love.
The object of our affection (and soon yours) is Russian designer Alexander Terekhov. We don't love him for his boyish good looks (he is adorable) but for his beautiful designs that are classic, feminine, modern and modest. Terekhov created his first dress at age 10 for his mother and now at 30 he has become a "designer to watch." His debut collection was in 2004 and in every collection since then there are pieces we love. However, for his Pre-Fall 2013-14 collection his choice of color, patterns and silhouettes is enough to make any girl swoon but for someone looking for stylish modest clothing it's a dream come true. Beautiful feminine silhouettes that are sophisticated and versatile- no layering needed.
So do you have a favorite? We want them all!
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  1. Love all his designs, they are modest a very important thing for us, muslims, but also elegant and really beautiful!

    I love that orange dress!!


    1. It's the elegance that captivated us, so beautiful that any women would want to wear them regardless of how they felt about "modesty."

  2. I would totally wear soooo many of those dresses!!! Aaaahhh