Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Somethings Gotta Show: The Modest Girls Dilemma

This was on Nordstrom's dressess page a week or so ago. While we love the styles, for anyone who prefers medium coverage or higher none of these dresses would work as is. This "dress guide" clearly illustrates a modest women's struggle when she goes out shopping. Almost every where we go we are constantly presented with this same women and the options for her. Since we don't fit this image we're left to fend for ourselves  It often seems like asking for a dress with sleeves, high neckline and length is some sort of crazy request. We're nearly always faced with the same dilemma:

We founded Mode-sty because we knew it wasn't crazy to want a dress with more coverage.
If you feel the same way we hope you'll join us as we work towards building a destination for stylish modest women. www.mode-sty.com 

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