Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tips on Building a Modest Wardrobe

We all know that building a great wardrobe takes time, energy and focus. It can be even harder when your trying to build a modest wardrobe.  We recently had the pleasure of connecting with Miriam Malileh Khalili whom we've been following through her Facebook page: Halachically Haute. As a modest dresser, personal shopper and stylist she's a perfect person to give us some tips on shopping for a modest wardrobe. 
Check out her interview below and let us know if you have anything else to add in the comments! 
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What are the two most important factors women should consider before making a purchase?
1-   Ask yourself, “Is this practical?” – Where can I wear this? Do I have pieces that match this? Does it fit well? Do I have to make alterations to it? 
2-   Is it worth it? Consider the material of the item as well as the price in comparison. If it’s a cheap material that can easily be shrunk in the wash, and it costs $50, that’s a waste of money since you’ll probably only be wearing it once. But if it’s made from a good fabric and you know it’ll last you a while, then go for it. It’s an investment.
3-   If you’re married I think this rule is crucial as well. “Will my husband like it too?” 

What are your two best tips for women when they go shopping?
1.   Know what you’re looking for before you leave the house. (or else you’re more likely to come home empty handed or with so many unnecessary pieces that you’ll end up returning them afterward)
2.   Go to the store as soon as they open. As the day goes by, things get misplaced and the stores become busier. The sooner you go, the less difficult it is to find what you’re looking for.

What are pieces that you suggest women invest in (spend more money on)?
It’s always good to have quality staple pieces that you can mix and match with other items and accessories. Spend a little more on a good white blouse, a tailored black skirt, and of course a simple black dress (try sticking to blacks, whites, and neutrals). Once you have these key pieces, you can find more affordable cardigans, accessories, and heels to pair them with. 

How did you get started as a modest personal shopper and stylist?
Ever since I was a young girl I was always noticed for my artistic abilities and my “good eye.” I earned the nickname “Child Picasso” by my elementary school teachers who raved to my mother about how rare it is for a child my age to be so creative and understanding of art.
Years later, I find myself using that same ability for a greater good. Instead of portraying my artistic abilities on a canvas, my clientele are my blank canvases. I use my talent of understanding proper proportions of a woman’s body in order to accentuate their best features; Inevitably concealing those parts they’re less ‘excited’ about.

So how did I get started in the first place? It all started when I was a young teen. I would be shopping in different department stores and often strangers would ask me for my opinion on what they were trying on. After giving them my personal advice they would always respond, “Wow. Thank you. Are you a stylist or something?” My initial reaction would always be laughter. I was flattered but I was so young. After hearing the same response, over and over again from different people, I thought, “Wait a minute… Not a bad idea.”
I thought if strangers could benefit from my advice, why not help an even larger crowd. Why not help women who struggle with getting dressed in the morning, or women who simply need a confidence boost. And that was the beginning of something great!

How can you be reached?
If you're interested in my services or  have any questions, you can contact me via: Email-
or Facebook- 

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