Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dive in!

Are you ready to head to the pool or beach and make a splash in comfort and style? 
Wearing a modest bating suit used to mean improvising by wearing a shirt over a swimsuit or guys board shorts. Although this solution kept us covered it also weighed us down and made us stand out. Thankfully those days are gone as there are now a slew of options for the modest swimmer. With options to fit any level of coverage you can know head to the beach or pool in comfort, style and modesty. 
We've heard from so many women that investing in a swimsuit they felt comfortable in transformed their beach and pool outings from awkward and uncomfortable to fun and relaxing. That' why we're so excited to be carrying several top brands from low to full coverage. Below is a sampling of what available now in our shop

Do we have something that fits your style and coverage? Let us know in the comments!

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Low Coverage 
By Divinita Sole: Left- Flower Tankini and Skirt. Right- Rouged Tankini.

Medium Coverage 
By Modest Sea: Left- Nicole top and shorts. Right- Lori Swimdress.
 Full Coverage
By Modest Sea: Left- Emma 3 piece suit. Right- Amelia 3 piece suit


  1. I like the kind of relatively low coverage swimsuit.
    I think it is beautiful!