Sunday, July 28, 2013

Covered Up Without Burning Up

Summer Styling Secrets: Staying Modest Yet Cool
Guest Post by English style blogger Nash Amber of Presenting Nash Amber

Most of us ladies enjoy the summer time as it gives us every opportunity to get dressed up in lovely maxis, floral prints and of course we all get to wear fabulous glasses. Now, when it comes to dressing modestly in the summer there are a few challenges it seems, as many high streets stores do not cater for those desiring to dress modest. 

So what do we wear, if we do know our worth and want to look pretty yet not compromise on modesty?!  

Well here are few looks, put together to help you stay cool and stylish in the lovely sun, without compromising on modesty.

How to stay cool in the summer while still being modest in dress?

The answer to staying cool in the summer is not found in wearing items that are short or revealing. Staying cool is about being wise on the choices you make in the colours and materials you wear.
Here are some great looks that will keep you cool from day to night. They feature a few of my favorite items.

~ Materials ~
It is so important to know that different materials make such a difference, in how cool you will feel from the minute you step outside of your house. 

When looking to purchase or getting dressed, go for items made from lightweight materials such as chiffon, tulle, light cottons and linen. All these materials are great to have in the wardrobe and are also handy for layering and creating a range of looks. 

Although some materials such as chiffon and tulle clothing maybe see through at times… this does give you the opportunity to add coloured vest tops, skirts or strapless tops underneath, to create different contrasts in your wear. 

Tip: Try to stay away from lycra, leggings, heavy denim and leather. Tight items will make you feel hot as you step into the sun and start your day. 

~ Skirts and Dresses ~
Maxi items look great on many different body shapes, and this is one of the reasons why every woman (if possible), should have at least 1 flowy maxi item in their wardrobe.  The great thing about maxis is that, it gives you coverage yet in style; allowing you to still be able to enjoy the sun yet without filling stuffy.

~ Colours in the summer ~
Light colours such as whites and nudes are better suited in the summer rather than black and dark colours, when it comes to staying cool. This is simply because white reflects the light/heat, whereas black and dark colours would attract the heat. This is not to say you shouldn’t wear dark colours at all, but to make you aware that it can cause you to feel the heat, and that is why. 

Finally, a nice alternative for those that like to wear black is Navy.

I hope you are having a great summer wearing your modest and stylish items.  Do you have any of your own summer tips to share? Let me know in the comments

With Love & Style
Nash Amber

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