Monday, July 22, 2013

Style Spotlight: Solange Knowles and the Olsen twins

Beyonce and Solange Knowles
Solange Knowles and the Olsen twins all stand in the shadow of fame. Solange is the little sister of international superstar Beyonce and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are former childhood stars from the TV sitcom Full House. Not content in the shadows Solange and the Olsen twins have reaffirmed their celebrity status through fashion. Solange is a fashion icon watched on the red carpet and appearing in magazines. The Olsen twins are also red carpet darlings and have started two fashion brands, The Row and Elizabeth and James both sold in select retailers nationwide.

Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen
We love how these celebs refuse to adhere to style conventions! Solange is quirky and can usually found in a daring prints. While the Olsen twins are unafraid to divert from their peers and stay covered up in chic loose frocks. In their more modest outfits these celebs show us that you can use print, color and silhouette to allow your individual style to shine through. How do you express your style while dressing modestly?  

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Solange Knowles 

Olsen Twins

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