Monday, November 4, 2013

We Shop Differently: The Modest Shopper's Process

If you want more coverage from your clothing your most common option is to layer. We've already posted about the style challenges that a layered look can present. This post is focused on the process we have to go through to put a layered look together and how much it can cost us. Typically shopping for modest dresser looks like this:

Now thats a lot of steps to go through when shopping for any item of clothing. It's easy to see why shopping can become frustrating and exhausting for someone looking for modest clothing. Notice that there are three places where you can get derailed and not purchase your target item, even though you like it!

This process translates to a higher shopping costs for women who dress modestly. Shopping this way costs us:
  • Time - you have to spend time doing this analysis for every item you find. Keeping mental note of the options that you have in your closet that could make the target item work. 
  • Energy- you have to expend more energy shopping because only a subset of what you find will make it though the process. Thus, you have to shop more to find appropriate pieces.  
  • Effort - many outfits require more effort and attention to put together when you're trying to maintain the coverage you want and reflect your sense of style. 
  • Frustration - since there are few easy options available that meet all your needs. It is very frustrating to find something you like and then find that you can't make it "work." 
  • Money - You end up spending money on items that you may not be truly happy with. Those items were all you could find and you're trying to "make them work." You're also spending money on layering pieces which can add up. 
Now consider that layering is usually the least costly option. Sometime we have to go to a tailor for alterations. This can be much more expensive especially when you have to search for a coordinating fabric. Getting something tailored can be a significantly more draining of your time, energy, effort and money. Then there are the women who have the talent to sew their own clothes which can be liberating but usually requires even more time, energy and effort.

At Mode-sty, we wanted to simplify this process. We wanted to have a place where we could shop like everyone else. A place where you could focus on style, fit and fabric. Here's our process.

This simple process cuts down all your costs. No more wasted time, energy and effort. No more frustration with feeling that you've been completely left out of the fashion space. No more finding pieces, to go with other pieces before you can buy the main pieces (hands up if you know what we mean). And no money wasted on items that you don't really like but it was all you could find.

We founded Mode-sty because we think this is the way shopping should be. If you agree, become a member it's free and takes 30 seconds.

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