Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Behind the Lens: Meet Jewel

Jewel Laura- The Style Optimist
wearing the Floral Midi Dress
Meet Jewel a sweet stylish mental health practitioner and blogger at The Style Optimist. And it's the perfect name for her blog, she's ever upbeat and positive even after a long day of shooting. It's also perfect because Jewel is a working women trying to make the most out of her closet- so rather than lament about what she doesn't have she makes the very best out of what she does. With accessible pieces and a daring sense of color and shape she puts together chic and stylish outfits. We had so much fun collaborating with her on our photo shoot (it won't be our last) we wanted to share a little of Jewel's optimism with you. So here's an interview with Jewel and behind the scenes look at our photo shoot including a video! 

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How did you get started blogging? 
I started my blog in the final year of graduate school as a creative outlet, 
and also as a means of exploring and developing my personal style.
Jewel feeling like a ballerina in this Tulle Maxi Skirt by Nahda Designs avaliable Mode-sty!
What's your best style tip?
My best style tip is to wear clothing that fits your body type, and if something you really like 
doesn't fit how you like, have it tailored to suit you. I also am a big fan of being restyling my clothing.  Doing so has helped me maximize my closet and makes putting an outfit together even more fun.
 One sweet headband and all the hats we didn't use.
What is your day job? 
I'm a Behavioral Health Case Manager. What that means is that I work with 
clients who are dealing with of mental health issues/concerns.
Our photographer, Ashley Washburn making Jewel laugh. The Modest Leopard Print Dress available here
What's your favorite accessory? 
My favorite accessory would have to be a statement necklace. 
Statement necklaces transform the most basic of outfits with a little bit of sass.

It's all in the details! 
Do you have a style icon? Who is it? 
I'm inspired by street style and fellow bloggers. I admire Zoe Saldana's style, 
I like to call it effortlessly chic. I also admire Eva Mendes' style; I had the opportunity to 
hear her speak at Lucky Fabb this Fall and she was as inspiring as she is stylish.
None of us could remember what was so funny. Modest Floral midi dress available at Mode-sty! 
Special thank you to: 
Photographer, Ashley Washburn
Model, Jewel Laura 
Stylist, Neha Ghildayal 
Assistant, Reagan Rockers 

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