Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Behind the Lens: Meet Reem

Modest fashion blogger for Mode-sty Reem About That Wrap
Reem blogger at About That Wrap
We've known Reem for a long time and as the youngest of four super stylish sisters we knew she was destined to be a fashionista. When she finally started her blog About That Wrap we were so excited to have a place to view her outfits that are sassy, fun and whimsical. We're collaborating with Reem now to get her take on some of Mode-sty's pieces below are some shots for our first collaboration as well as an interview with Reem. Enjoy!

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1. What's your best style tip?
My best style tip is to stay true to who you are- don't ever feel like you have to dress a certain way to fit in. I personally like to style myself in a simple way, I like to have one or two focal pieces in an outfit and mix with basics. 
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2. What's your favorite way to accessorize? 
Jewelry! I am completely obsessed with big statement necklaces, they make any simple outfit really fabulous and put-together. Also you can never go wrong with a bold shoe!
3. Where do you start when putting together an outfit? 
I like to have one or two statement pieces, so whether its my scarf, top, pant, or shoe I start there and build off of it. I love infusing different colors/textures/patterns together. Also depending on my mood! If I'm feeling sassy I'll probably wear a printed pant! If I'm in a rush Ill throw on a simple top with a big necklace and printed scarf. I always love to add a touch of lipstick to most of my outfits. 
4. What do you think is a wardrobe must have? 
A wardrobe must have is definitely the perfect jacket- whether it be a leather jacket, a blazer, or just a simple jean jacket. It's the best for layering, esp if you want to be modest! Also, I love my cheetah shoes! 
5. What inspires you? 
So many things in life inspire me. My family/sisters are my biggest source of inspiration, they push me to become the best I can be. Also my many travels around the world, art, culture, food, and friends allow me to approach fashion the same way I approach life in general-with creativity, an open mind, and the desire to take fun risks. I see fashion as an art forma that blends a person's inspirations, loves, hopes, admirations, and reality into a single, visible, wearable statement of who they are- and that is why I love fashion. 

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