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Welcome to the Mode-sty (a play on the word modesty with an emphasis on the french "Mode" for fashion). We are an online boutique who believes that every woman has the right to express herself through fashion. Too many contemporary trends leave women with an unsatisfying choice. Either opt for inexpensive, trendy clothing that is too revealing for your tastes, or spend significant time and money searching for more modest designs. To make matters worse, many conservative fashions on today's market are unflattering or unfeminine.
Mode-sty aims to transform your shopping experience. Our selections allow you to enjoy conservative, on-trend pieces that suit your lifestyle and let your inner fashionista shine through. At Mode-sty you'll never have to worry about layering or altering, everything you'll find will give you coverage and style. You can shop our store here. 
On this blog we share things that relate to fashion and modesty. We also make announcements and host giveaways.   
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We love to hear from you, email us at stylist@mode-sty.com. 
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Zahra and James, husband and wife Co-Founders of Mode-sty tznius tzniut jewish orthodox muslim islamic pentecostal mormon lds evangelical christian apostolic mission clothes Jerusalem trip hijab fashion modest muslimah hijabista
Zahra and James, husband and wife Co-Founders of Mode-sty

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